Conditions of Treatment

Office Operation Policy

Please read the terms and conditions carefully

on which my office operates.


  1. I accept men and women from 18 years and older
  2. A therapeutic procedure is performed at least once a week.
  3. The time of each individual session is 45 minutes
  4. The time of each pair session is 1 hour
  5. The time of each family session is 1 hour
  6. If you are interested in an individual session, please contact only if you are interested in yourself. Not for someone else.
  7. If you are a couple, you must have discussed with each other and decided to come.
  8. If you are a family, we should see first of all, who has the request. I will first see you who has the request in a one-on-one session. After this session is done and based on the information I will have at my disposal regarding the problems you are facing within the family and the family itself as a whole, I will tell you what is helpful to do.
  9. You notify two days in advance if you want to cancel a session. Otherwise and for any reason, you are charged for the session.
  10. If for some reason you decide to stop treatment, you should, for your own mental balance, come and discuss the reasons why you want to do so. It is possible that you are repeating something that you have always done in your life and now is the time to solve it. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  11. Psychotherapy is a long-term process. It is not related to tips or techniques so if you need tips or techniques please refer to another colleague. You can get a lot of information through the articles and videos I have made available on my site, about what psychotherapy is, how it works and how it can help you.


I, in my office, deal with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a long journey. I don’t give advice: eg “tell me something to do, a technique, to be well”. And I’m not into counseling because that has nothing to do with therapy. I deal with people who want to explore their inner mental life through a therapeutic relationship with me. This does not mean that I take on all people who want to do psychotherapy. Not everyone is helped by psychotherapy in the first place and it is not possible for me to be able to have a therapeutic relationship with everyone. I have the experience to tell you if I can take you on, after first examining some facts about your personality. This may sometimes take two or three sessions but then I will know if I can really help you. There is no rush in psychotherapy. From the above eleven terms and conditions of operation of my office you can get a clear picture of the outline that governs the process. In the therapeutic relationship we explore what is happening between us. How you talk, what you think, what you do, how you relate, how you react. There we can see how you grew up and what things influenced you significantly so that you end up defining your behavior and emotions in a way that can be problematic. No one heals when they feel good about themselves. So we look at yourself in psychotherapy. And we make corrections where necessary. This means that we see what you repeat and we do not repeat it, but we feel the emotions that are related to the repetition that you want to do. It is one thing to do something and another to feel the emotions of what you are going to do, before you do it. So really see if you are interested, and to what degree, in seeking treatment at my office. If you need medication you should see a psychiatrist. If you need advice you should go to someone who says they give advice. I will only accept you if you are willing to search yourself on a consistent weekly basis which will really help you understand your soul life from infancy to the present.

The process of psychotherapy requires commitment, dedication and is addressed only to those who seriously see that they need to change their lives. If you are thinking of starting this journey, call me at 211 71 51 801 to make an appointment and see together how I can help you.

Mixalis Paterakis
Psychologist Psychotherapist
I accept by appointment
Karneadou 37 Kolonaki (next to Evangelismos)
Tel: 211 71 51 801

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