Couples Relationship Therapy

couple’s therapy

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We can see together why you are breaking up or fighting.

If the reason is neurotic, that is if one gets angry with the spouse but is not sure why, then this can be solved.

We can see what each person repeats in their relationship and solve it in a systematic treatment.

Dealing with couple problems is not random.

Each member repeats his childhood life.

It is great progress if one can see what it repeats. This is done in a psychotherapy.

In other words, it is a marriage and relationship counseling that adapts to the pattern of repetition of previous experiences.

People believe that everything comes from recent events when the inner reality is that one is hurt or sad or angry with qualities situations and incidents based on in infant relationships with significant others.

Couple therapy (couple therapy) aims to understand each member of the couple, which pathological patterns they repeat in their relationship. Usually this process goes through several stages where these feelings are manifested in the treatment. There we see them, experience them, and correct them because the therapist can understand them and play the corrective role.

When the therapy also has the right frequency, then the right condition is created so that the patients can see themselves internally and thus not project themselves to their partner.

couple's therapy

The problems that couples have in most cases are solved with therapeutic intervention, as long as both commit to therapy and do it regularly.

The process of psychotherapy requires commitment, dedication and is addressed only to those who seriously see that they need to change their lives. If you are thinking of starting this journey, call me at 211 71 51 801 to make an appointment and see together how I can help you

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