Anxiety Treatment Depression Relationships Psychotherapy

Anxiety Treatment Depression Relationships Psychotherapy

Anxiety Treatment Depression Relationships Psychotherapy 1000 667 Paterakis Michalis
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Why are relationships important and how does anxiety and depression arise? Does psychotherapy help?

anxiety treatment Depression Relationships Psychotherapy: Depression occurs if one has problems bonding with the mother figure in the first year. I’m not talking about the simple mood swings or the usual mood swings that come and go in all people as normal cycles throughout the day or week. I’m talking about major depression which is characterized by symptoms of guilt, low self-esteem and self-destructiveness. Anxiety, on the other hand, is based on feelings that, because they were unpleasant or threatening, we pushed them into the unconscious. Thus they claim their right to express themselves and if we pressure them not to speak, they will find a way to speak with psychological symptoms or physical reactions. In both the manifestations of anxiety and the manifestations of depression, there is a common element. The relationship. All feelings and communication are always done in relation to the other. And this other is always and always the other who has acquired importance for us. The most significant other that becomes important to us and that we don’t know at a point in our lives when we can’t do anything on our own is the figure who takes care of us when we are babies. The mother figure. If things are going relatively well there, then we will not face particular problems in the later stages of psychosexual development. Of course the first six years of life are very important because the whole personality system is formed and stabilized, but if the first year is not good, then the following stages will definitely have problems. You can read more about the first year of life here.

Psychotherapy is essentially the repetition of all childhood life. The trained psychotherapist knows how to help the person to regress into his childhood life, to relive the feelings of that time with the child and this time not to repeat them. This is done through the feelings it conveys to the therapist. There he begins to feel them without repelling them. Without suppressing them. Defenses get in the way but we break down the defenses so they stop preventing our deep real feelings from coming to the surface. Feeling the real feelings and seeing that I didn’t kill the other is important for healing and improving relationships in one’s life.

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