Brief Psychotherapies Self Understanding

Brief Psychotherapies Self Understanding

Brief Psychotherapies Self Understanding

Brief Psychotherapies Self Understanding 429 285 Paterakis Michalis
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Brief psychotherapies. What is;

Certainly a piece of advice can be given to a person who may be confused by something or to a person who wants to understand something specific about himself or his relationship or his children. But even for that advice or direction I need to understand quite a few things about the person’s personality. There are no ready-made recipes here. I have to be able to understand the way someone grew up and the way they think but above all to see what things they repress. What we suppress creates our problems. The feelings we don’t want to see because they scare us. So in this case, when I understand a couple of basic things about personality, I can really say something that will be relevant to the person asking me and not something general.

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Brief Psychotherapies Self Understanding – The analysis of resistances

However, there is and is circulating in the general information about psychotherapy, that one can do therapy with a few sessions. This is not true. It is one thing to discuss something once and give a direction to a person, and another thing to promise that in 12 sessions I can cure a panic attack. At some point this issue with short term interventions must be resolved.


Real healing is the process of bringing out the true hidden feelings that have been buried out of sight for years. This is not done all at once because there are resistances. So first we resolve these resistances and then the feelings come to the surface. However, the solution of the resistances is not easy because it creates emotional internal tension. Emotions come out strongly. Every sadness and anger and rage and aggression and melancholy show themselves in time to their true degree while in everyday life until then we cover them up from being seen. So they can’t come out right away, and it would be violent, and it wouldn’t end in healing.

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Repetition in the therapeutic relationship

So it cannot be cured in a short time. Otherwise we are fooling ourselves. In order to resolve the resistances, a therapeutic relationship is first made. With the therapist. In this face all the feelings come out. The healer heals. There, when these feelings start and come out, the therapist does not let it happen again as it happens in everyday life. Repetition is the problem. We all repeat ourselves anyway but when there are problems we repeat them too. Simply put, the repetition stops. But even there, man does not easily accept this, even though it is essentially therapeutic for him. The repetition of repressed feelings is the slow poison that enters relationships and prevents them from being happy.

The behaviors that one carries out over and over again are based on this repetition. The abused woman finds an abusive man again. The child who is angry with his mother hits the other children and the depressed child accepts being hit because he feels guilty. These don’t end. They happen throughout life. If there is no treatment, to take out the anger, guilt, shame, punishment, despair in the face of the therapist and the therapist does not allow a repetition to happen again, no matter how many years pass the same will happen.

The treatment of unconscious needs

So short-term treatments are not really treatments but just play the role of a short-term relief that works like aspirin. If one wants to better understand what is happening inside oneself and in important relationships with others, it is good to look in the direction of a psychodynamic psychotherapy that will help one look towards one’s unconscious needs. People who have started this journey – because it is a journey – begin with time and understand that they do not come to the world to be alone. No one comes into the world to be alone. I’m saying that a little weird, huh? I say it as it comes to me to show you that if I let myself search within it, it will find new ways to express itself. But why would this happen? Because in therapy, a correction is made where it is needed. Things that have been hidden for years are beginning to surface. One realization follows another. One defense cracks behind the other. Years of stereotypes shaped by ideologies and sayings and proverbs are collapsing like a paper tower of cards. This does not happen overnight. That’s why when someone asks me before I even see them, even on the phone: “how long will the treatment take?” there I know he is not ready or will never heal.

A bunch of people and even a new age are coming who are supposed to be more open to accepting and listening to themselves. Fairy tales. Age is irrelevant. If you are oppressed and deprived, you will be oppressed at 5 and 85 if you don’t do something about it. Of those who come once and say they have been treated, no one wants to know about themselves. But those who stay change themselves. And the world. The world does not change with theories. The world changes when we learn and understand ourselves. There are no magic tips and techniques. These are used by those who do not know themselves and think they are healing. Healing is breaking down defenses and the false self. These are not done quickly, or magically, or with advice. People who seek treatment and somehow start it, live their lives all over again. They live it like little children full of the feelings they had then. We see these feelings. They don’t know this themselves. They are unconscious and come out with time in therapy.

In the therapist’s face. The therapist is there as a receiving object for these unconscious feelings. Which are not always good and kind things. Mostly difficult feelings are unconscious. Those that cause tension, discomfort, difficulty, aggression and hatred. That’s what they’re hiding. The more one represses these, the more disturbances in behavior and personality appear. The harder it is to have healthy relationships or not have relationships at all. He retires. He closes himself in his world, or creates a microcosm isolated from the rest of the world because he is afraid. Short treatments are not treatments. Healing is trying to live with others. But this is not possible if we do not first know ourselves. In other words, you can’t see anyone if you don’t first see where you are suffering.

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