Disgust And Sexuality

Disgust And Sexuality

Disgust And Sexuality

Disgust And Sexuality 666 399 Paterakis Michalis
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Disgust And Sexuality

I will refer to something very specialized which in order to know it and be able to understand it as a behavior, one should have done some years of intensive psychoanalytic work with oneself and have been trained in a special context the which allows him to be able to understand the different manifestations of the psyche. Today we will talk about disgust on a psychological level. For the feeling of disgust.

Disgust And Sexuality

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Disgust And Sexuality

Disgust And Sexuality – The Children

In the normal life of families, despite all the reaction we will meet with this proposal, romantic feelings develop between their members. This is a finding that we should have ruled out only if we didn’t want to see what was happening before our eyes. Girls try to seduce their father and boys to seduce their mother from an early age. There are many cases in which I accept the embarrassment of parents regarding the behavior and activity of their children.

They find themselves in a difficult position when they receive the expression of their children’s immediate expectations for a relationship that certainly has romantic elements with sexual qualities. Masturbating children from infancy even though there may be no mature sexual performance is evident in both boys and girls. Girls usually rub themselves either on their parents’ bodies or on objects from which they expect and get pleasure, and boys tend to their penises and try to be constantly next to their mother in physical contact.

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Disgust And Sexuality

Disgust And Sexuality – The Parents

On the other hand, the parents are not only in a difficult position, but they also develop purely romantic feelings. I am not referring to the tenderness and caring for their children which when present certainly helps a lot in developing a good, positive relationship with their children and as a result experiencing a safe and protective environment. I am referring to erotic feelings such as the urge to kiss the child on the lips, to touch his genitals, etc.

These feelings embarrass parents and are subject to immediate rejection or discomfort. In normal cases, therefore, a mechanism is put into operation which is a deterrent to the possibility of the parents putting into practice those romantic feelings which they themselves have but are also pressured by their children to become a reality.

Disgust And Sexuality – The Aversion Mechanism

What is this deterrent mechanism? It’s disgust. You can’t see your kids walking around naked. You tell them to put something on them. They don’t want to see you naked either. And must not. This must be culture. Civilization comes to put a brake on indecency. You cannot have sex with your parents or your children. Neither can your children have sex with you nor with each other. These are the dictates of civilization. Disgust enters the middle and protects. Most of us are disgusted by the thought of our parents having sex. This is a normal reaction.

It shows that the abomination is properly established and protects against incestuous events which would bring destruction. Murders would otherwise be committed since the father would kill his son if he had sex with his wife and the mother would deprive her daughter of her love (this is also a murder) if she took away her husband. So disgust is a key mechanism to prevent incest. There are two other very important mechanisms that serve the same goal. They are shame and guilt and we will talk about them in another article.

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Disgust And Sexuality

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